The Algaba de Ronda is located on a mediterranean mountain farm, immersed in a sea of trees, gall oak, holm oak and cork trees, and surrounded by an amphitheatre of mountains. The Algaba de Ronda has developed an integrated management model of the mediterranean forest based on three disciplines: Agroecology, Environmental Education, and Experimental Archeology.

Prehistoric scientific park: research, dissemination and conservation of the archaeological patrimony. Nature classroom: centre for environmental education based on the principle of the mediterranean forest as an ecosystem. Agroecology  and a zoological centre: a progamme for the recuperation of livestock breeds in danger of extinction.

We maintain traditional and ecological mountain products and support the breeding of our endangered livestock. Educational and cultural products connected to the natural, cultural and historic patrimony of the Serranía de Ronda: guided visits and specialized workshops adapted to different groups. Accomodation and gastronomy. Country houses to discover rural life and enjoy the food of our area.A sales point for local and organic products of the Serranía.

With this work we want to demonstrate our  firm commitment to the wealth of the rural world and to its contribution to our social understanding, to food safety and the protection of our natural spaces.

Algaba de Ronda hosted the preparatory visit for the project from 7th to 11th January 2013 organising boarding, lodging and meetings with local voluntary associations. In this project, senior retired professionals in the field of environmental sciences and agro-ecology will provide training to young trainees whilst also promoting intergenerational debate on environmental issues using the web radio as a medium of communication and dissemination.



Del 6 al 10 de marzo de 2014, personas voluntarias que participan en el proyecto “Active Citizenship – A.C.T. for SHARE”, visitan Ronda, con motivo del encuentro que promueve uno de los socios de es ta iniciativa: la Algaba de Ronda. Durante la estancia, han visitado los estudios de la radio escolar del IES Pérez de Guzmán, Onda 4. Allí se celebró este pequeño debate en inglés.