Glotta Nova comprises a team of educational trainers, professionals and experts, theoreticians and practitioners, who have acquired their knowledge both at home and abroad, and are specialized in the following areas: leadership, motivation, rhetoric, communication, sales, marketing, design and team management /leadership, design and goal achievement, creativity and innovativeness, time management, stress control /handling stress, trainer education, rapid learning and reading, personal growth /development, languages, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), systemic thinking and other areas which enable the employees to achieve wide-ranging competences, including personal, business and professional excellence.

Most of our educational programmes are directed towards the further education of staff in companies and institutions. Consequently, the major part of the course content is directed towards company owners, directors, entrepreneurs, managers, other leading and administrative staff, sales and marketing personnel, research & development staff, professional associates, organizers, in-house trainers and other employees.

Our role in the project: Training in soft skills will be provided by 50+ persons to a target group of unemployed young persons with secondary school or university qualifications until the age of 30 promoting intergenerational dialogue between these two age groups through web radio. We also aim to promote active citizenship.