APERTO Association was set up in 2005 to counteract cultural, economical and social exclusion and to support citizens with fewer opportunities. APERTO aims to address cultural, economical and social imbalances through:

– providing civic advices
– promoting voluntary service
– supporting social integration and equality.

Non-formal education for adults is main field of our activity. We focus on citizens over 50 years of age. Most of them are pensioners and older people in receipt of benefits coming from a poor social and educational background.

We have been running a Citizens Advice Bureau in Koszalin providing over 1000 clients a year with free of charge, civic advice. APERTO engages adults in voluntary service in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and Senior Voluntary Service (SVS) programs and also locally. Our Senior Voluntary Service project “Love, peace and. voluntary service” was recognised as a good practice by Polish National Agency of the “Lifelong Learning” Grundtvig Programme. APERTO is accredited EVS coordinating and sending organisation. Over 50 Polish volunteers were sent abroad and 21 foreign volunteers were hosted in Poland.

Additionally our clients are involved in several local projects related to inter-generational learning. Over 80 participants from the EU countries benefited from the “Dancing with memories” Grundtvig workshops which were organised four times. APERTO aims to create a connection for the exchange between youngsters and older people. The main idea is to learn how to listen and observe two generations each other. The youngsters can learn how to be in contact with older peaple through traditional novels.

APERTO proposes to realise novel workshops in two / three ways; workshops for old people in which they will write histories of their origins, looking for them in their memory, families and local community. Through these stories the youngsters will learn the tradition, in-habits and aptitudes that otherwise will be forgotten. The project is addressed to old people (who will tell novels), minors (who will listen and learn), young people (who will act to represent the novels).

ARERTO wants to focus the importance and the role of the oldest people in society. Context: The town of kostalin is situated in a place where people of other territories live. After the second World War people had to leave their reagions to re-populate the town. This is the reason why the Town needs to find its own identity.