EDRASE is a Non for Profit Company that was founded in 2010. Its main aim is to promote Science and Social Science in Greece and the EU through seminars, lectures, discussions and the production of educational material.

We are based in a remote Aegean island but we operate across the Aegean Sea Archipelago connecting it with the rest of Greece and the whole of Europe. For this purpose it will utilize all means and bodies that support relevant activities such as Greek or European programs and bodies such as the Ministry of Culture and Education and life-long learning, the Ministry of Environment and climate change, and also IKY.

In this project, we aim to gather knowledge of music history of the older generation sharing it with the young and also helping in raising awareness of the importance of personal data protection in the young while employing their ICT skills.

By this exchange we hope to promote a more critical use of the Internet by the young while at the same time they impart training to the older generations to use the Internet for online sales, payments, bank transactions through which they can greatly improve their quality of life and self-esteem. The exchange will be documented via web radio used a channel of dissemination in this project.